Music and movement 4 and 5 years old in English

Música y movimiento de 4 a 5 en inglés

A space where the child can express himself freely through music and movement as an independent human being, respecting his egocentric stage and at the same time as a part of a group. We develop his musical and dance skills belonging to his age. The child has developed the gross motor skills with accuracy, and starts to develop the fine motor skills. Movements begin to be precise and they join in choreographies  made up from his own exploration and imitation. In music we work with songs composed with pentatonic and major scales. We begin to depict the songs and our own compositions with symbols and non conventional writing. We introduce ostinato accompaniment of the songs with small percussion instruments, boomwhackers and body percussion. All of that in an environment where the visual arts are used for travelling among the different subjects.

45 minutes, twice a week.