Instrument and ensemble (violin/viola, flute and guitar)

Instrumento y agrupación violín y viola

a space where the student can express himself freely through an instrument. We develop musical skills for performing with an instrument. Independently of the age of the student, we experiment music through singing, movement and body percussion, before we transfer to the instrument, and of course before we write it with musical notation. The musical notation is concurrently developed and always after the musical experience. The creative work is also present from the beginning, as much technically –encouraging the self-criticism- as musically –composing our own songs and exercises-. In group we mainly work the accompaniment. We do it as much instruments as small percussion and barred percussion instruments –Orff-. 45 minutes twice a week. One session is dedicated to the instrument, in couples or individually, and the other session is dedicated to work in group. Group makes up by different instruments offered by MUSIDANZA and barred percussion instruments (Orff).