Encouragements – Music and Dance

Musidanza - Estímulos - música y danza

Only some weeks for the first day of music and dance activities and our senses are exposed after a summer full of encouragements.


Vacances confirmation and open days are coming closer. It’s time to organize the music and dance material I have collected during these summer months to share them with you the coming course. You all know by means of previous posts that I have been exploring and experimenting this summer with senses in two dance workshops, “Folds” with Michelle Mann and “Lab 2014” with Candoco Dance Company. Senses are related to encouragements, because we perceive them thanks to our senses. We can’t say that we are a generation without encouragements. On the contrary, our task is to know how to use them properly. If we want to perceive more encouragements, at least quantitatively, we will have to develop our senses. Encouragements for working, for living, for giving, for receiving… I have found all these ones these two months. Was I seeking them? Both workshops wandered around senses, and they have made up for the excessive use that our society does with one of them, the sight, as the architect Juhanni Mallasmaa says. All this work has opened to me a lot of doors that were closed, so I feel that I have perceived more than I have sought. I heard the sounds of the wind when they went through the rocks in Kilt Rock; I smelt second hand music book’s leaves in Alba Music’s book shop in Glasgow; I tasted tea with scones and fish & chips; I touched woolen tartans, the Scottish legendary plant, heather, and the Scottish sand stone in the tenements; finally I left my look in the skyline, the northern most point I never reached, in the Duntulm Castle in the Isle of Skye, paralell 57° 40′ 59,5” North. I left something for my sixth sense, I joined all my senses and enjoyed with all people I was with in Scotland. I was without prejudices, something that is hard for me. I hope to know to transfer you all I have learnt this summer during the coming course.



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